Quantum Biofeedback SCIO System


The EPFX/SCIO use a double blind approach by dealing on a subconscious level, only the system is aware of the thousands of items being tested. Neither the operator nor the client can influence the scan.

It is designed to stimulate conscious awareness of our unconscious processes.

In a 3 minute “test”, the scio sends 10,000 different frequencies through electrodes that are attached to the wrist, ankles and forehead. The unconscious will receive and react to each of them. These reactions are not picked by the computer but are picked by the unconscious of the client, hence this is a device that can make us aware of the unconscious.

These reactions are then shown on a computer screen in order of the most reactive to the least. The high reactive values signifies a more acute problem. The low values signify a chronic problem. These results will provide an energetic view of imbalances. Based on this information, the session can go into various programs specifically chosen by the unconscious.


Allergies  * Chromosomes  *  Flower Essences * Hormones * Toxins
Amino Acids  * Dental Disease  * Fungi  *  Ligaments *  Venoms
Bacteria *  Digestion *  Geopathic * Stress Meridians * Viruses
Blood *  Brain Waves *  Herbs *  Minerals * Vitamins
Bones *  Emotions *  Homeopathics *  Muscles * Worms
Candida * Chakras *  Fatty Acids *  Organs

What can Biofeedback do for me?

This device can zap pathogens, make aware of nutritional problems, stimulate repair of injury, stimulate detox, desensitize allergies, improve digestion, reduce stress and more. But, the best use of the device is its use for unblocking the blocks in flow. The Scio can detect faults in the acupuncture meridian flow and correct them. It can find faults in the brain wave and correct them as well. Essentially, the primary goal of this system is to stimulate the body to heal itself. An overall sense of well being is experienced upon finishing a session.

Recommendations before and after a session

Before a session, I recommend being hydrated. Avoid caffeine as it dehydrates you. Leave plenty of time so as not to be rushed upon arriving. Racing to the appointment, puts your body in a “hyper” state and it will affect the response of the initial three minute test.

Following a session, I recommend that you are able to return home and rest. Do not have a list of errands to attend to. Even though the session has ended, your body is still processing.
Some people feel very calm and relaxed while others may be exhausted. Allow your body the luxury of relaxing. 

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